Corrective care- Chiropractic Treatment


Bad posture affects you in more ways than one- from back pain and headache to spinal dysfunction and even gastrointestinal pains. It also affects your self-esteem and confidence. The effects are often long term but remain unnoticeable until your backache becomes too painful to bear. In fact, almost 80% of patients with chronic back pain do not pay attention to their posture.

Bad posture isn’t the only reason behind a sore ache. Even a seemingly minor accident is enough to cause injury to the spine and neck. Sometimes, lifting a heavy object carelessly can leave you with long term damage to your back and neck.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Correcting Bad Posture And Related Problems?

Problems related to bad posture and sore aches can be cured through corrective chiropractic care. It involves a series of procedures like massage, stretching, strengthening exercises, and even including dietary supplements. Treatment begins by thoroughly evaluating your condition and understanding the underlying problem. This could include performing a series of flexibility tests, muscle strength tests, and examining the spinal alignment. The chiropractor then employs a therapy that’s relevant to the problem.

Why Midwest Spine Solutions?

At Midwest Spine Solutions, we work with you to heal and repair the injured spine or neck so that you get long term relief. The treatment has a two part approach- the first approach is to relieve you of the pain and the second phase is to address the actual cause. Pain is just a symptom of the problem and treating only the pain does not help in the long term. Treatment could be over a course of multiple sittings with the plan including exercises, stretches and other activities. All we need is your commitment to stick to the schedule.

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