Back And Neck Pain Treatment Minneapolis


Ever tried balancing a bowling ball on a stick with the help of small, thin elastic bands? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, that’s what the neck does every single day! Our back and neck often bears the brunt of our injuries and poor lifestyle habits. Sitting for long periods, carrying heavy weights without proper balance can weigh down on your muscles causing tension in the neck and back.

It would be very much wise to pay heed to even the slightest pain you experience. A sudden tingling pain on your back may be a sign telling you that its time you stretch out and give your back some rest. Ignoring back pain over a prolonged period of time can cause numbness of the entire region that travels down your leg. Have you ever felt a tingling sensation in the arms or have your arms ever felt numb? Chances are that your neck is under a lot of stress. This could be either due to an injury, poor posture, stress, or in some cases disc problems. Ignoring neck pain can lead to serious problems including headaches, muscle spasms, ringing in the ears, otitis media, and chronic tightness in the neck. Ignoring continued discomfort in your back or neck can lead to serious problems in future, so make sure to treat yourself right in the beginning.

At Midwest Spine SolutionsWe begin by evaluating your spine as a whole through a series of tests that involve physical examination and lab tests to understand the cause for your pain. This also helps us evolve a treatment plan that includes common spinal manipulation techniques, manual therapy, inferential electrical stimulation, etc. During and after the therapy session, we recommend therapeutic exercises that don’t just improve the range of motion in your neck but also prevent pain in future.